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About Us

We at CHAT Productions support our customers in creating affordable HD animations for them to share socially or privately. We also compose and record original jingles and songs for our clients. That truly is our specialty! We have been awarded 6 semi-finalist and 3 finalist placements in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition and would be honoured to create a jingle/song for you. Finally, we offer live entertainment using our award-winning music to actively engage children in singing, learning and dancing. Our company’s passion is to create and produce family friendly cartoon stories that incorporate award-winning music for the general public to watch, listen, laugh along with, and just quite simply sit back and enjoy!

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Feature Products

Taking Tyme

Taking Time - CD

Ty the T-Rex


Tunes of Ty the T-Rex

Ty the T-REX Kazoo

What to Take

What to Take - DVD

Our Video Production Process


This is when we get to meet you, and you meet us! Brainstorming, concept development and planning – we like to ensure the creatives and the client is on the same page before anything moves forward. The key message, potential characters, the tone and feel is established here.


After discovery, initial scripting is developed, then finalized, which will be confirmed by you before audio recording is done. Consideration of the key message being turned into a story, told in language for your audience to understand, then read, edit, over and over before recording.


Choosing the right characters to represent the voices and actions within the script is part an important part of the design process. In addition, we like to consider the settings that the characters will be “acting” in and the colours that best bring the narration or story to life for your viewers.


Within our affordable animation process, we storyboard within the animation software program deciding when key turning points and transitions occur from scene to scene. We align the turning points with the script narration and the individual character’s emotions.


Consideration of the movement and emotions of characters are associated with the recorded script in the process of finalizing the animation. Further, additional zooming and panning are considered and implemented, supporting the final storyline for the audience to absorb and appreciate.

Sound Design

In the final stage of the process, other than the rendering of the project for file video creation, CHAT Productions overlays any required sound effects and music for the animation to be completed. Voila, your animation project will be ready for you to share with the world!

What People Say

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Lois Martinson

Regular Client

My children love Ty the T-REX’s music! It has pleasing or should I say grabbing riffs, and what I like is the family-friendly lyrics.

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Steve Weild

Regular Client

The animations for the children’s songs are fun and entertaining to watch, even for an adult. And the tunes for the cartoons are super catchy too!